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It’s About Financial Independence, Not Retiring Early

Tue Mar 20


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It’s About Financial Independence, Not Retiring Early

  A young professional once commented to his older co-worker, “anyone who hasn’t retired by 50 is an idiot.” All the insensitivity of his comment aside, lately this is not an uncommon assumption of young people entering the workforce. Spurred in part by rising incomes in certain sectors and a strong stock market, the last several […]

How to Dispute and Improve Your Credit Report

  At it’s core, your credit report is a detailed history of your entire relationship with debt over the (somewhat) recent past. It has everything from credit cards, car loans, any missed bills or rent, any mortgages, personal loans, bankruptcies, etc. For most entries, it includes a list of all payments made and whether these […]

Simplify Getting Product Rebates with These Apps

If you want to save money on the items you’re going to purchase anyway, using apps to get product rebates is a great way to do so. You won’t get rich using them, but every little bit helps. Below are 4 of the most popular and highly-rated product rebate apps. iBotta iBotta is perhaps the […]

The Anatomy of a Title Loan

  Debt falls in two categories- unsecured and secured. Unsecured debt, such as credit cards and personal loans, are loans made without collateral. In other words, if the borrower stops paying the loan, there is nothing of value tied to the loan that the lender can automatically take possession of. In contrast, secured loans, such […]

Meet the Legit Lender Team

With the new year upon us, we here at Legit Lender thought it would be a great time for you to meet our team. We have a staff of writers dedicated to making your life better by teaching you how to navigate the tricky waters of establishing and rebuilding credit. Each one of us has […]