Feeling stuck and can’t pay down your debt? Bankruptcy is called “protection” for a reason. Learn the difference between Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13, and how to repair your credit.

Declaring bankruptcy is sometimes the right choice.

In the United States, we have created system that allows folks an ability to absolve themselves of (some forms of) debt. Other countries, including those our forefathers may have emigrated from, didn’t always give their citizens the ability to break free from their debt.

Of course, as we are all aware, declaring bankruptcy comes with significant repercussions. Even still, it is sometimes the right choice.

The paperwork isn’t what makes bankruptcy so hard

Bankruptcy can take a physical and emotional toll on you. It’s financial trauma in every sense of the word.

Our writers have explored when and what form of bankruptcy is the right choice, and for those who choose to go down that route, how long it takes for folks to typically recover.

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Here’s your credit repair timeline after a bankruptcy…

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Here’s your credit repair timeline after a bankruptcy…

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