Debt Management

Life can bring sudden changes to income and expenses. No matter what, managing debt is possible. We’ll help you understand how to best pay down your debt and move forward.

It’s becoming harder and harder for everyday Americans to manage their income, expenses and debt. Why? We think debt management is hard for three reasons:

Uneven income

More folks are freelancing or having to juggle multiple jobs. Uneven, “feast or famine” income means it’s harder to understand what you can pay off at any given month.

Increasingly severe expenses

For most of our readers, it’s an unexpected health expense — for either themselves or their loved ones.

Sophisticated (or, rather, increasingly confusing) financial products

It’s been a long-standing trend for lenders to offer products that, on the surface, are simple-to-understand, but which make them money in ways not obvious to the consumer. “Risk-based repricing”, changes to product terms, and hidden or opaque fees are the name of the game.

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