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Best Low Interest Credit Cards for Average Credit

Fri Mar 23


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Best Low Interest Credit Cards for Average Credit

According to Experian, which is one of the three credit reporting bureaus, average or fair credit is typically defined as a credit score in the middle to upper 600s: By FICO’s standards, that would be 580 to 669; by Vantage’s standards, it’s 550 to 649. Consumers with average credit who are looking for low interest […]

5 Money Matters Couples Should Discuss

“Til death do us part” often includes managing financial issues like credit card debt, refinanced student loans, and past-due child support as a couple. Unfortunately, many couples don’t handle money matters well, and research shows that money is the leading cause of tension in romantic relationships. Perhaps that’s why 1 out of every 5 spouses […]

Legit Lender Spotlight: Cheri

My name is Cheri and if you have read any of my articles on this site or any others, you might notice that I take a “frugal mom” approach to most of my personal finance articles. That’s because I have been a single mom for more than 15 years and have grown accustomed to living […]

How To Build Credit With a Secured Credit Card

There are a number of strategies to rebuild your credit, but using a secured credit card is one of the most effective. A secured card is just like a regular credit card, except that it requires a security deposit. Especially if your credit is below average or you are just beginning to build your credit, […]

What Types of Cars are Eligible for a Title Loan?

When you have a financial emergency and not enough cash on hand, a title loan can provide quick funds. However, this type of loan should be approached carefully. A report by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau reveals that 20% of borrowers had their vehicles seized because they were not able to repay their debt. However, if […]

Month in Review and Credit Rebuilder Success Story

In the month of February, we covered several personal finance topics. A review of this information can serve as a reminder – and it can also help solidify these concepts so you can apply them in your daily life. We’ve also include a credit rebuilding success story to inspire you. Simplify product rebate apps If […]

Title Loan Review: TitleMax

In almost all circumstances, title loans are something that you want to stay away from (check out our article on title loans). Their interest is notoriously high, and often their terms are not very practical for borrowers. If possible, look for alternatives that don’t put the same burden on your finances and cost you as […]

Unsecured Credit Card Review: Credit One

If you’re trying to rebuild your credit, most of the cards available to you are secured cards, cards which require a deposit to open a line of credit. We’ve reviewed a number of secured cards, including ones from Discover and Capital One. Credit One (not to be confused with Capital One), however, breaks this norm […]

Valentine’s Day: Champagne Results on a Beer Budget

  Valentine’s Day may be a bit of a commercially overdone holiday, but let’s face it — we still want the romance! Sure, I am speaking mostly for women, but men don’t mind a nice gesture either. But what do you do if your tastes lean a little more toward the champagne size while your […]

What’s the Minimum Age for an Authorized Credit Card User?

  If you have a credit card, you can add authorized users – who are individuals with purchasing power. An authorized user can be a spouse, family member, or actually, anyone, since there are no stipulations on who can be authorized. However, some companies do have minimum age requirements. Minimum Age The minimum age to […]