With the new year upon us, we here at Legit Lender thought it would be a great time for you to meet our team.

We have a staff of writers dedicated to making your life better by teaching you how to navigate the tricky waters of establishing and rebuilding credit. Each one of us has something unique to offer and brings our own personal experience to the table.

Nirav Bhagat

Nirav started Legit Lender as a way to help people who are trying to rebuild or establish their credit. Repairing your credit is hard — the deck is stacked against folks, and there’s a lot of suspect information out there.

Nirav is an insider in the financial services industry, so he understands how these companies make money and market themselves. He also sees how easy it is for prospects and customers of these businesses to get confused because of the complexity of their strategies.


Cheri Read

Cheri Read is a freelance writer with a degree in accounting as well as nearly 20 years’ experience as a frugal single mom. When Cheri found herself divorced and broke a couple of decades ago, she watched her finances and her credit crumble before her eyes. She worked minimum wage jobs and struggled through college only to wind up in more debt. After several years of this stressful cycle, she decided to take control of her finances and dig herself out of her mess.

It didn’t happen overnight, but with some well-sought-out advice and a lot of budgeting, she did finally come out ahead. Since then, her passion has been helping other moms learn how to live on a budget, make money from home, and ditch the stress.

You can see Cheri’s portfolio and services here.

Terri Williams

Terri is a full-time writer, working in journalism, copywriting, ghostwriting and blog writing. She’s covered a wide variety of money-related topics, including student loans, paying for college, degree fields and careers paying top dollar, mortgages, credit cards, credit scores, product reviews and ways to make and spend money…just to name a few. Her work has been featured on such websites as Yahoo, Investopedia, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Before becoming a full-time writer in 2010, Terri was a media manager and primary writer for a large nonprofit organization. She loves learning, researching and sharing information that can help people make better financial decisions. That’s what draws her to finance writing. She says finance is one of the “four pillars” she covers because she thinks this pillar is interconnected with business, ethics, and education. Her passion is helping people choose the right college major for them (or explore the shrinking options that don’t require a degree), pay for college without acquiring ridiculous sums of debt, get a good job, succeed in the workplace, and then spend/save their money wisely. And she strives to help them do all of this without compromising their integrity!

You can see Terri’s portfolio here, or follow her on Twitter

Dan Palmer

Dan is a freelance writer and the blogger behind Pennies and Dollars. Dan takes a holistic approach to personal finance by writing about everything from the underlying ‘why’ of personal finance, the everyday nitty-gritty hacks of frugal living, and the ‘how’ of investing and growing your wealth.

When Dan is not writing, you will find him behind the scenes at the restaurant he and his wife own and operate. He has no formal training in finance, but learned everything he knows from his own personal research and experience. He has always managed his own investments, done his own taxes and run his own business. He specializes in business credit and business taxes and how those affect a person’s finances.

Missy Nolan

Missy Nolan is a single mom who started writing back in 2002 as a pregnant teen. She won the “What Matters” essay contest hosted by Teen Ink and never looked back. Initially, she used her freelance writing to supplement her wages as a chiropractic assistant, but it quickly took over as her primary source of income. With her three kids, writing gives her the flexibility she needs to maintain some balance in her life.
Missy started financial writing years ago when she did some ghostwriting for an angel investor. It was in this role that she started to learn about the world of money and ventured out to write for Mint.com along with some other financial websites.  But her life took an unexpected turn when she found herself filing for pro se bankruptcy. Bouncing back from that experience has given her a passion for giving people the tools they need in order to achieve financial stability. She knows that a low credit score can keep you from owning a home, a vehicle, and other life necessities, including many jobs.
You can follow Missy on Twitter or Facebook or get great budgeting, freelance and household tips at her blog, Make it With Missy.

That’s Our Team!

We think we have a great thing going here with some real-life help from people who know your struggles. But what we would really like is to get to know you.

What’s your story?

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