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Struggling with poor credit and need a new card? We review credit card products and give tips on managing credit so you can (re)build your score quickly and get back on track.

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5 Great Secured Cards That Require a Low Deposit

Mon Nov 20


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What Happens to Credit Card Debt After a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is usually the last resort when it comes to digging yourself out of serious debt, but in some situations, it is the best choice. Most people don’t jump into it without careful consideration and counsel, but in some instances, it may feel like there is no other option. In most cases, credit card debt […]

The Best Rewards Points Credit Cards for Average Credit

One of the best ways to rebuild credit after a tough financial time is with responsible credit card use. Some companies offer secured credit cards to people with credit challenges. Some offer cards that just have a little lower credit requirements than others. Either way, if you’re going to choose this type of credit rebuilding […]

The Best Rewards Credit Cards for Fair and Bad Credit

You might think just because you’ve had some credit challenges or haven’t yet established a solid credit history that you are not entitled to some of the same perks and benefits credit card companies offer to people with excellent credit. But that’s not necessarily the case. There are actually several credit cards that come with […]

Which Credit Card Should I Pay Off First?

Americans owe a collective $3.9 trillion in outstanding consumer debt. While credit cards provide convenience, it’s easy for this type of debt to spiral out of control. And unlike cash – which disappears after you spend it – credit card debt can linger for years, long after you’ve forgotten what was purchased. Some experts suggest […]

Build Credit with a Secured Card: Tips and Tricks

If your financial situation may have taken a serious hit as a result of a foreclosure, having an account sent to collections or charged off, filing for bankruptcy, or some other type of serious financial scenario, a regular (or unsecured) credit card may be out of reach. Secured cards are a tried and true way for […]

Hidden Secured Card Fees

Secured credit cards can be a great way to rebuild your credit, but they don’t come without their own “caveat emptor” (buyer beware). Most have annual fees, which are not all that uncommon, even for unsecured cards, but some come with a whole slew of hidden fees that you might not see coming. So, how […]

Secured Card Review: Capital One

If you want to rebuild your credit, Capital One is one of the many companies that offers a secured card. Even if your credit is in the “bad” range, you can still apply for this card. In this article, we outline the pros and cons of a Capital One Secured MasterCard. Application Process/Security Deposit You […]

What is a Secured Card and How Does It Help Establish Credit?

If you’ve had trouble raising your credit score or building your credit from nothing, a secured credit card may be the exact tool you need to help you do it faster. A secured card is a great way to establish some positive credit, but it’s certainly not for everyone. For example, if you foresee yourself […]

Secured Card Review: Discover

A secured credit card is a great way to build your credit from nothing or to rebuild it after it’s tanked. Let’s face it – we’ve all had moments of less-than-perfect credit! And if you might be one of these shopping around for the right card, the Discover secured credit card might be one to consider. […]

5 Great Secured Cards That Require a Low Deposit

Ryan always had good credit. He paid all his bills on time and never overdrew his credit cards. He had no problem qualifying for a loan when he wanted to make a larger purchase, and always handled his debt responsibly. Unfortunately, when he lost his job, he got behind on bills and started missing payments. […]