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8 Small Business Credit Unions To Join

Sat May 27


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CAN Capital Small Business Lender Review

Our Take CAN Capital is an alternative lender focused on small and medium-sized businesses. They offer short term (3 month) to multi-year loans. We like to think of them as the “Capital One” of small business lending. They will lend to almost any business, as long as they are able to price their product appropriately. […]

Able Lending Small Business Loan Review

Our Take Able Lending offers term loans to businesses – ranging from $1,000 to $1M. What makes them different from other lenders is that they’d like for you to raise some portion of that loan amount from your friends, family and fans (backers). They in turn will match and multiple the amount you raise from […]

US Bank Edge Platinum Small Business Card Review

Our Take The US Bank Edge Platinum card is a solid card for small and medium-sized businesses to use for one time major expenditures. For a no-fee card, they offer a generous 0% introductory rate for balance transfers for 12 months. The catch: you need a high credit score to qualify for this credit card, […]

Frost Bank Business Loans and Financing Review

Our Take Frost Bank is a Texas-based community bank (well, that’s a stretch. They’re a massive bank – with close to $30B in deposits, they are considered a Top 50 bank, even though all of their locations are in Texas). They offer a full suite of products to small and medium-sized businesses – if you’re […]

Small Businesses: Credit Unions or Banks

There are a ton of options for small businesses looking for loans: online lenders and mega-banks are the ones that you’ve probably heard of (and who have probably junk mailed you recently). There are two additional options for small businesses: credit unions and community banks. Not too many folks understand how a credit union differs […]

8 Small Business Credit Unions To Join

Small Business should look at Credit Unions Small business credit unions are a great choice – lower fees, potentially lending to you based on your full picture and not just an algorithm. The issue is finding one that your business can join, that is also located near you. Credit Unions require Membership. But membership isn’t hard. […]

SBA loan types, explained in plain English

SBA Loan: It’s not a government loan The U.S. Small Business Administration has loan programs allowing you to borrow money for working capital, debt refinancing, M&A, commercial real estate or equipment financing. The SBA doesn’t directly lend you money. A bank (or alternative lender) does the lending. The government guarantees a percentage of the loan […]

Eight Options for Franchise Loans

Starting out is tough! When you don’t have buckets of money to your name, finding franchise loans to start your business can seem daunting. Though starting a franchise is theoretically less risky than starting a brand from scratch, it’s still tough to find lenders willing to give you a shot. Here’s 8 sources to investigate […]