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Struggling with poor credit and need a new card? We review credit card products and give tips on managing credit so you can (re)build your score quickly and get back on track.

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5 Great Secured Cards That Require a Low Deposit

Mon Nov 20


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Monthly versus Annual Fees

If you have fair credit, you may have noticed that more card issuers are doing away with an ‘annual fee’, and instead assessing monthly fees to their customers. We’ll break down why issuers are assessing monthly versus annual fees, and whether it’s a good deal for you. But first, here’s an example of what we’re […]

Watch Out: Common Credit Card Tricks

Three Credit Card Company Tricks to Trip You Up Even though credit cards can be excellent tools for your financial life, it’s no secret that credit card companies screw people in an effort to make more money. The credit card tricks they use are also incredibly sneaky. Prior to the CARD Act of 2009, credit […]

Here’s How To Build Credit As A Student

Four Simple Ways to Build Credit as a Student It can be difficult for a student to get approved for credit once they graduate. With many students graduating with loans and no real credit history, their debt to income ratio may mean they get denied for tools like credit cards. The question then becomes how […]

Immigrants: How to establish a credit history

As a new immigrant to the US, establishing a credit history allows banks to ‘take a chance’ on you. When you move to the US, your record doesn’t follow you. You’ll have to rebuild your credit from scratch. Not to worry though – we’ve outlined some simple strategies for immigrants to establish a credit history. […]