Daniel Palmer
Dan is a freelance writer and the blogger behind Pennies and Dollars. Dan takes a holistic approach to personal finance by writing about everything from the underlying 'why' of personal finance, the everyday nitty-gritty hacks of frugal living, and the 'how' of investing and growing your wealth. When Dan is not writing, you will find him behind the scenes at the restaurant he and his wife own and operate. He has no formal training in finance, but learned everything he knows from his own personal research and experience. He has always managed his own investments, done his own taxes and run his own business. He specializes in business credit and business taxes and how those affect a person’s finances.

Posts by Daniel Palmer:

What is a debt management plan?

One of the most overwhelming parts of being in too much debt is juggling all the payments. Payments typically come due throughout the month, and it’s easy to forget to pay a bill, further complicating your problem. It’s also hard to make sure you always have money available when different bills come true. While there […]

What is a bankruptcy score?

You’re probably familiar with your credit score, but what is a bankruptcy score? Judging by data from Google Trends, most people don’t even know there’s such a thing as a bankruptcy score. This is partly because banks and credit bureaus generally talk about these bankruptcy scores less than credit scores. Although all three credit bureaus […]

What happens to your debt after death?

Debt can have a powerful grasp on your finances during your life, but what about debt after death? Of course, we aren’t talking about debt haunting you after you die, but rather your debt continuing to haunt your loved ones after you pass away. Without adding in extra debt to pay off, your death will […]

Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13, Explained

Although there are 5 categories of bankruptcy, only two are typically options for regular consumers- chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapters 9, 11 and 12 of the bankruptcy code typically only apply to farmers, municipalities and businesses. So how do you choose between chapter 7 versus chapter 13? Neither is simply better than the […]

Do-It-Yourself Debt Reduction Tactics

UPDATE: Kayla at Reviews.com has compiled a nice list of lenders offering debt consolidation loans. Check it out! Nobody intends to get in over their head in debt, but sometimes life has a way of overwhelming and taking us by surprise. This can especially happen with credit cards since it is so easy to run […]